Sepura STP8000 Series


Similar models are the Sepura SC2024 Handheld Two-Way Radio and the Sepura STP8X Handheld Two-Way Radio. 

Sepura’s STP8000 series is a rugged, fully featured digital TETRA radio, designed for use in the most demanding of environments.

Download STP8000 Datasheet


  • Superior digital audio quality.
  • RF Power customisable up to 1.8 watts.
  • Transflective Monochrome Display.
  • Feature Activation Keys.
  • Reduced Keypad.
  • Large, Tactile PTT Button.
  • Missed event indicator.
  • Navi-Knob Operation.
  • GPS, Lone Worker, and Man-Down options available.
  • IP55 rating »
  • Emergency Operation.
  • Optional Bluetooth available.


  • Clearer voice communications over a greater range in all noise environments. Integrated voice and data. Send text messages – Increase productivity with messages that can be sent one to many – freehand or preconfigured and automated.
  •  Delivering reliable communications when most needed, extending coverage beyond the reach of typical hand-portable radios.
  • Screen is easily visible in bight conditions where colour screens might be difficult to read.
  • Quick navigation through menu screens.
  • Perfect for users who don’t need the features offered by a numbered keypad – save on capital expenditure.
  • Easy Operation – with or without gloves.
  • Dedicated LED ensures missed calls and messages are picked up quickly – facilitating efficient operations and safety.
  • Allows for easy navigation between talkgroups, user profiles, volume adjustment, and status messaging.
  • Use the latest in digital technology to keep users safe.
  • Resistant to dust water ingress. Can be used safely in a variety of environments.
  • Users have the ability to alert OHS administrators to emergency situations with a single press of a button.
  • Increase productivity with wireless connectivity between other digital devices and radios – upload data from scanners wirelessly and transmit instantly via radio. Bluetooth audio accessories also available for ease of use. 


Available in/ 806-870MHz