Two-Way and Radio Communications for Agriculture and Farming

Two-Way and Base Station Radio Systems for the Farm

The advent of digital two-way radio has greatly enhanced the radio technology that most farmers are familiar with. Digital radios offer vastly improved audio quality, data communications and advanced apps and features that enable you to maximise agricultural productivity and safety in ways you never imagined.

Design Your Own System

Our handy tool will help you decide which radio solution is best for your business.

Recommended Products for Agriculture & Farming:

National Wireless has almost 30 years’ experience, providing radio systems to commercial industrial sectors, including agriculture and farming, across Australia. We can design and install a system that is as simple or complex as your needs and budget would dictate. 


Safety Around the Farm

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries to work in due to the combination of hazards. These include plant, chemicals, noise, dust, sun exposure, working with animals as well as the fact many in the industry work alone in remote locations. It has the highest fatality rate of any Australian industry.


Productivity in Agriculture

Agriculture is becoming more competitive; family farms now compete against corporations with global backing. It has never been more important for Australian farmers to run a lean efficient operation. In recent years Australian agricultural productivity has declined. Clearly there are factors that are very difficult to control, but there are ways to implement greater efficiencies on your land, improved radio communications with advanced functionality is an affordable low risk option.


Benefits of digital two-way radio for Agriculture and Farming are:

  • Man-down alarm and lone worker functionality – radio can be configured to send an automated message in the case that an employee is immobile, or the radio is at the wrong angle for an extended period of time; or doesn’t comply with protocol to press a button at certain intervals.
  • GPS location services – locate employees, vehicles and other assets with optional GPS functionality.
  • Extended battery life – working days can be long on a farm, two-way radio batteries will outperform mobile phone batteries by many hours.
  • One to many communications at the push of a button – communicate urgent messages to all employees at once, via voice or data, with the push of a button.
  • IP ratings suitable for wet, dirty environments – durability ensures a long lifespan
  • Intelligent digital infrastructure includes Redundancy – Communications will continue to function in a crisis situation.
  • Telemetry – utilising radio signals and operated from your handheld / vehicle mounted radio, telemetry allows you to turn pumps on and off, open and close gates or control irrigation remotely.
  • One to many calls and messaging – convey clear and precise instructions to all employee’s at once – ensure efficient execution of tasks.