Radio Solutions for Construction and Building Sites

Construction Industry Communications for Building Site Safety

On every construction site, communication with building site team members is integral to getting the job done. Find out how we can offer superior crystal-clear audio quality to increase productivity through better radio communication systems.

Design Your Own System

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Recommended Products for Construction & Building Sites:

Many construction and building sites are operating with outdated analog radio systems – Congestion, coverage black spots and a lack of safety and security features, lead to frustration, misunderstandings, productivity slowdowns and situations where employee safety is compromised.

National Wireless now recommends digital two-way radio as the best solution for most businesses looking to get more from their communications systems.

Offering superior, crystal-clear audio quality and advanced features digital handheld UHF radio is designed to improve and enhance your business practices.

New digital systems can incorporate radio gateways that allow users on analog radios to talk with those on the new digital system – enabling a seamless transition from analog to digital on a timetable that suits your budget and business strategy.

Benefits of digital two-way radio for construction and building sites are:

  • Superior Audio Quality – Consistent voice quality over the coverage area and significantly reduce the background noise.
  • Extended battery life – less downtime due to recharging
  • GPS functionality – indoor and outdoor – greater safety and accountability for employees and equipment
  • Encryption for secure communications and messaging – increase efficiency
  • Lone worker and man down alarm – Increased safety for employees working alone or in precarious situations
  • IP ratings suitable for wet, dirty environments – durability ensures a long lifespan – save on capital expenditure
  • ATEX and IECEX rated models available – Maintain communications in volatile potentially explosive gas and dust environments
  • More efficient use of spectrum – reduce infrastructure costs
  • Intelligent digital infrastructure will include Redundancy – Communications will continue to function in a crisis situation.