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Push-to-Talk – Mobile Devices

Push-to-Talk – Mobile Devices Range

Push-to-Talk (PTT) offers a convergence of two-way radio and mobile phone technology. It’s akin to using a mobile phone as a walkie talkie.

Devices range from simple, ‘talk-listen’ solutions through to two-way radio and smartphone hybrids. Push To Talk mobile offers a full suite of apps and dual HD cameras, eliminating the need to carry two devices.

PTT devices offer fast Push-to-Talk services, including one-to-one and one-to-many, while using PMR, Wi-Fi and 4G services.

  • Hytera MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

    The MNC360 is a push-to-talk over cellular(PoC) mobile radio designed for in-vehicle communication. 

  • Hytera PDC760 Push-to-Talk

    The Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio is the revolutionary DMR LTE hybrid device offering the ideal platform for critical voice and broadband data services.


  • Hytera PNC550 Push-To-Talk

    Eliminate the need to carry two devices with the PNC550, a smart Push-To-Talk terminal integrating smart phone and professional Push-To-Talk functionality over mobile and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Hytera PNC380 Push-To-Talk

    Hytera’s PNC380 is an easy-to-operate LTE radio with the characteristics of a mature PMR radios, combining communication and multimedia applications into one single device.