Two Way Radios and Networks for Councils and Local Government

Radio Communications for Council  and Government Workers

Council and local government workers need top-of-the-line communications to carry out essential services such as waterworks, road work, garbage collection, town planning, and governance. National Wireless can provide customised communication solutions for councils that enhance productivity and keeps your team connected.

Design Your Own System

Our handy tool will help you decide which radio solution is best for your business.

Recommended Products for Council & Government Workers:

Our radios and customised solutions offer several benefits, including:

Durability: Our radios are built to last, with rugged builds for the harshest environments. They come in a variety of IP models offering dust, drop and water resistance. We also offer repairs and service on-site to keep your device running in perfect condition long after it’s fresh out of the box.

Superior Audio Quality: In noisy environments, you can be assured that you will be heard loud and clear. The audio is adjusted with noise-cancelling technology, alongside powerful speakers, ensuring you won’t miss a thing. 

Ease of Use: Our radios are user-friendly and easy to use, while still remaining intuitive, with large.

Extended Range: Our radios can maintain stable and clear communications even at large distances.

One-to-many communications: Unlike mobile phones, which offer 1-1 communication, our radios allow contact with multiple users. If you want to pass on important information or inform people of an emergency, with the click of a button you can make contact with everyone.

National Wireless can offer: 

  • Expert advice from our sales team – every industry, every step of the way.
  • No-obligation free trial of our radios.
  • Exceptional service and repairs from our team of qualified technicians.
  • After-sales support and assistance – we’re with you for the long haul.