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Motorola DP4400e Handheld Walkie Talkie

The versatile and powerful Motorola DP4400e digital two way radio is a simplified, cost effective part of the Motorola walkie talkie range – suitable for users that need a premium digital radio with best in class audio but who don’t need display or keypad.

The Motorola DP4400e combines the best of two way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. The DP4400e radio integrates voice and data, though we usually recommend TETRA for companies who anticipate extensive data use on their radios.

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Features and Benefits

Superior digital Intelligent Audio

Intelligent Audio automatically adjusts radio volume according to background noise – Clearer, louder voice communications over a greater range in all noise environments.

Available in Wide Band UHF

Use one radio to operate on a wider range of spectrum frequency.

Voice announcement

Audible confirmation of channel and zone changes – allows workers to remain focused on the task at hand.

Enlarged more deeply recessed Push To Talk button

More deeply recessed PTT button minimises accidental transmissions, new enlarged size maintains ease of use.

Backward compatible with a greater range of analog systems

Migrate your system from analog to digital on your own timetable – The DP4000e series is now compatible with 5 tone signalling and voting systems.

Enhanced battery life

Operate up to 40% longer compared to analog – minimise productivity downtime by not taking radios offline to recharge.

IP57 Rating »

Water resistant to 1 metre for 30 minutes – durable and less likely to require repair or replacement as a result of mishandling in wet and dusty environments.

Intrinsically safe option available

Operate safely in potentially explosive gas and dust environments with the IECEx version.

GPS, Man Down and Lone Worker options available

Use the latest in digital technology to keep users safe and to increase business efficiency.


Available in 1000 Channels, 136-174MHz / 403-527MHz