Hytera PD462 Handheld Walkie Talkie

The Hytera PD462 portable digital radio perfectly combines advanced digital functionality with reliability. The ultra-light, sleek and compactly designed PD462 will guarantee superior voice quality in the noisiest work environments.

The PD462 walkie talkie allows effortless voice-operated communication via the VOX (voice-operated transmission) feature. This enhances convenience and reduces the need to press the PTT button.

To ensure a simple transmission from analog to digital radio, the PD462 comes equipped with a dual mode (analog and digital) operating system. In digital mode, the 1500mAh battery will run for a minimum of 16 hours.

No license is required for use of all narrowband 80 CB channels, including 16 repeater channels. When CB channel mode is disabled, the PD462 supports 256 programmable channels.

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Features and Benefits

Superior audio quality

Louder and clearer voice communications in all noise environments. Smart audio automatically adjusts the volume in response to background noise.

Pre-programmed text messaging

Automated or pre-programmed text messaging functionality with a one-touch feature enhances employee productivity and automaton.

Privacy Benefits

Priority interrupt, privacy chipsets, and easy toggle radio disable and enable for practical privacy features.

Compactly designed

With dimensions of only 112mm x 54mm x 30mm and weighing just 280g, the PD462 is compact and ultra-light.

Robust and dependable

IP54 compliant. This radio is dust protected and will not allow the ingress of water splashing from any direction.

Versatile Communication

In digital direct mode, the PD462 allows for two communication paths on one frequency. Individual and group calling is available on all digital channels.


450-520MHz, 256 programmable channels

80 CB channels including 16 repeater channels

112mm x 54mm x 30mm, 280g

Li-ion battery (1500mAh)

IP54 rating