Sepura SC23 TETRA Handheld Portable Radio

The SC23 is a streamlined TETRA hand portable, offering powerful audio and the services essential for mission-critical operations.

Complimenting the existing range of SC TETRA radios, the SC23 features a reduced keypad and the same user interface and accessories as the SC20 and SC21.

Uncompromising on safety and ruggedness, the SC23 matches the power, environmental protection, and outstanding audio of Sepura’s flagship SC20 hand portable.

Features and Benefits

Secure with Advanced Safety Features

SECURE Supports ETSI and SFPG-recommended Air Interface Encryption and End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) for mission-critical operations. ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES Protection and reassurance for lone or remote workers, Man-Down offers motion and tilt monitoring, local alarm and over-the-air alerts.

For Sturdy Environments and User Convenience

UNIQUE WATER PORTING TECHNOLOGY Expels water and dust from the radio speaker, maintaining clear communication in extreme environments. EASY-CLEAN DESIGN Rinse under running water with IP65-68 environmental protection, ideal for dusty or demanding environments such as mining and construction. SUNLIGHT-VISIBLE DISPLAY Easy viewing in all light conditions with a high resolution QVGA grayscale screen.

Powerful Audio & TETRA Capabilities

POWERFUL AUDIO A powerful 2W speaker provides clear audio, even in high-noise environments. EXPANDING THE REACH OF TETRA VHF capability extends coverage across expansive and remote outdoor environments, saving on infrastructure and maintenance costs.