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Introducing one of the smallest and lightest portable radios on the market, the Hytera PD602 walkie talkie is the alternative to the bulky and heavy analog portables of yesteryear. Inside its small frame is a feature-rich, user-friendly interface which will satisfy the majority of users in the market.

The PD602 is natively compatible with DMR Tier II standards, accommodating a graceful migration to digital radio.


Features and Benefits

Small and Light

With dimensions of 119x54x27mm and weighing in at 290g, the PD602 is one of the lowest profile portable radios on the market. The small footprint of the PD602 ensures discretion and comfort, improving usability and fatigue for users in the field

Heavy duty polycarbonate and metal construction

An ingress protection rating of IP67 (dust tight, and resistant to submersion under water). The radio’s durable construction will provide savings on ongoing repair and replacement costs for your radio fleet

Versatile frequency band

Capable of operation within the 400-527MHz band. Reduce the likelihood of hardware replacement in the wake of any regulatory changes to frequency licensing in the future

First class audio quality

Digital technology eliminates the static and ambient background noise previously heard on analog radio communications, allowing calls to be heard clearly the first time – improving productivity and usability of the system as a whole

Analog and digital capable

Migrate to digital at your own pace, with the PD602 allowing you to work within your organisation’s budget while still remaining compatible with existing analog standards (e.g. 5-Tone signalling)

Supports a number of optional applications

Including GPS tracking and man down, among many others. Utilise digital technology to ensure the safety and well-being of your team


UHF 400-520 MHz

1-4 W