Sepura STP9200 Handheld Walkie Talkie

This is an End of Sale (EOS) product. Similar models are the Sepura SC2024 Handheld Two-Way Radio and the Sepura STP8X Handheld Two-Way Radio. 

The Sepura STP9200 is the entry-level TETRA radio which offers the essential features that a user requires: powerful audio and RF, extreme ruggedness and simplicity of use. With an IP67 rating, this is truly a “go anywhere” walkie talkie; waterproof, submersible and marine-hardened.

The STP9200 features a wide range of features to enhance user safety. In addition to lone worker, Man-Down and enhanced GPS, Wake-On-Alarm enables the STP9200 to be switched on and an emergency call made simply by pressing the emergency button.

Focused on offering new functional possibilities and removing obstacles to efficient and effective operation, the STP9200 handheld walkie-talkie offers a range of benefits that make it more robust, reliable and secure.


Features and Benefits

Superior digital audio quality & Sunlight-visible, monochrome display

Clearer voice communications over a greater range in all noise environments. Screen is easily visible in adverse light conditions.

RF Power customisable up to 1.8 watts

Reliable communications when most needed, extending coverage beyond the reach of typical hand-portable radios.

Ergonomic reduced keypad

Large well spaced keys, which allows simplicity of operation — even with gloves

Navi-Knob Operation

Allows for easy navigation between talk groups, user profiles, volume adjustment, and status messaging.

GPS, Lone Worker, and Man-Down options available

Use the latest in digital technology to keep users safe.

Emergency button

Users have the ability to alert OHS administrators to emergency situations with a single press of a button.


Available in 407-473MHz (STP9240) / 806-870MHz (STP9280)