Sepura EM2 Ear Hanger

Code: 300-00580


This is suitable for general-purpose use. It consists of a lightweight and flexible ear hook earpiece that fits snugly around the back of the user’s ear. A small earpiece then sits just outside the ear. The hook is made of flexible rubber, which allows it to flex during the day and is ideal for nearly all ear sizes and shapes.

This product is available in 90cm lead lengths, terminated with a RAC connector. Another version is available for connecting to the RSM part numbers 300-00389, 300-00733 & 300-00734 only, using a 3.5mm screw-threaded jack plug.

300-00580 EM2 Ear Hanger RAC (90cm Lead)

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Connector Types: 300-00579, 300-00580, 300-00581

Compatible with: SC21, SC20, STP Series