Hytera MD652-UHF2 Mobile Radio EX DEMO

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An innovative mobile radio with a sleek and stylish form factor, weighing just over a kilogram. The microphone has an integrated display and speaker allowing for flexibility in installation in tight spaces or where multiple radios need to be fitted.

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Features and Benefits

Low profile radio, measuring 165x46x140mm

Compact size increases the versatility of the unit, making installation in a vehicle or on a desk space easy and unobtrusive – saving time and money in installation costs

Easy to use User Interface

Reduce the likelihood of user error, which can arise from complicated radio designs and interfaces. Save money of staff training, as less instruction is required.

Up to 25 watts of transmitter power

Maximise your coverage footprint, save on costly infrastructure.

Supplied with a Controller Microphone

Control the MD65x’s operation through the Controller Microphone, removing the need to install the radio in a visible location within a vehicle or office space.

Analog and digital capable

Begin the transition to digital radio today, whilst working with your organisation’s budget and still remaining compatible with existing analog standards (e.g. 5-Tone signalling)

Compatible with site connect area-wide systems

Allows flexibility of network design, ensuring you will not have to replace radios in the event of your coverage requirements expanding

GPS option available

Utilise digital technology to ensure the safety and well-being of your team


5-25 W

450-520 MHz


Comes with Mic, bracket, power-cable