Hytera HR652H-U1 Compact DMR Repeater EOFY

Code: HR1062 UHF1

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It is the new generation business-ready digital repeater designed to expand the communication range of your DMR radios.

With high performance and high reliability, the repeater ensures consistent, reliable, seamless voice and data communications your team need most. It is a top pick for hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, industrial parks, and more.

Compact and lightweight, the repeater can be flexibly mounted to the wall or carried on the back by tailored accessories, uncompromising with on-site installation conditions. The rugged structure makes the repeater stand up to harsh environments. The repeater allows the communication connection anywhere you need.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-Lightweight Design

The HR652 weighs only about 2 kg. It is equipped with a dedicated antenna and a light backpack. When you work outside, the lightweight design makes the HR652 effortless to carry on the back. It can be turned on and used with one key operation after arriving at the site. The ultra-light and compact design can also be used with drones to achieve a wider range of signal coverage. It is an ideal solution for you to use in mobile search and rescue scenarios.

Long Battery Life

It can be equipped with a 12.5Ah large-capacity battery for use in outdoor scenarios, which can provide up to 9 hours of power supply under the RF power output of 10 W. Even if it is used at 50% duty cycle at 25 W full power, it can still guarantee 4 hours of uninterrupted work protection, providing you with a lasting uninterrupted communication guarantee.

High Reliability

The HR652 is built to outperform in harsh environments. It conforms to MIL-STD-810G standards for ruggedness and is IP67 rated for dust and water intrusion. An exceptionally robust design ensures HR65X performance is stable and excellent.


Frequency Range: 400-470MHz

Channel Capacity: 1024

Operating Voltage: 14.4 V +- 15% DC

Battery: 12.5Ah

Battery Life: 25W – 4 hours. 10W – 9 hours.


25W – 201mm x 211mm x 80.6mm

10W – 201mm x 211mm x 65.8mm


25W – 2.0kg

10W – 1.9kg

Operating Temperature: -30C – +60C

Storage Temperature: -40C – +85C