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Communication for Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality and Retail Industry Solutions

Communication is crucial in the service industry, whether you are in the medical, retail or hospitality industries. National Wireless can make sure each and every solution provides superior crystal-clear audio. Find out how we can increase productivity through better communication systems.

Spills and breakages can be dangerous and costly. Security incidents can be both dangerous and result in negative publicity; staff on cleaning, security or stock retrieval duties can be injured and remain undiscovered when working in isolated areas of vast hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and convention centres.

Fast reliable communication is essential to mitigate the above issues efficiently.

Digital two-way radios that are lightweight, discreet and easy to use can improve productivity and safety for employees and customers. Voice calls at the push of a button or pre-formed data messages sent to all staff instantly maximise staff productivity and enhance the safety of staff and customers alike.

Radio has the ability to rationalise three different devices into one compact, lightweight handheld unit, with optional discrete audio accessories.  The radio system can be directly interfaced with the paging system and the PABX.


Reliable communications are essential in ensuring:

Improved incident response time – Instant, private and secure communications.

Superior crystal-clear digital audio quality – No more confusion caused by static-filled analog communications and no annoying background noise.

Communicate a uniform message to all staff immediately.

Improved safety for employees and patients – Some radio systems allow for specialised features such as the ability to inhibit the transmitter when near sensitive medical equipment.  If in this mode, other radios can see that transmission is inhibited.

Emergency features for lone workers – Duress alarms can be triggered by a press of a single emergency button.  This can be set up in two ways: 

  • Covert – The radio silently sends an emergency alarm over the system to a monitoring point.  this will identify the radio number and possible location if GPS position is implemented.  A dispatcher can also monitor the situation so that it can be determined if there is a false alarm, or a response is needed.
  • Overt – When pressed the radio will emit a siren drawing attention to the situation.  The radio ID can also be sent over the air to alert other radio users out of earshot that there is an emergency. 

Text messaging capabilities – preprogrammed or free form – Increased accountability – clear precise communications with recorded receipt.  this allows for the rationalisation of pagers but with the added benefit of being able to confirm delivery and read of messages.

Guaranteed priority access to your network – Access to the network can be prioritised and these systems can run autonomously without off-site infrastructure so that communications can be maintained even in large public events and disaster scenarios that cause phone networks to crash.

Secure communications maintain guest, customer and patient privacy – Digital radio communications cannot be intercepted by scanners.

National Wireless offers communications solutions for service and healthcare industries that will assist with the safe, secure and efficient running of your site, both day to day and in the case of challenging incidents.