September Update at National Wireless

August and September were a busy couple of months at National Wireless.   Our sales team attended two exciting events, we have Push to talk Over Cellular technology up and running and ready to demonstrate and a new  team member joined us in our Adelaide office.

Australian Institute of Hotel Engineers Update Conference

During August, Iain Moir and Mark Geraghty participated in the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineers Update Conference on the Gold Coast.  This was a fantastic event,  senior hotel engineers from some of Australia’s biggest hotels and hotel chains, attended.  Iain and Mark found the conference sessions informative and enjoyed exhibiting the latest PoC technology, ideal for use in the hospitality industry.

In preparation for the AIHE conference, National Wireless established one of the first HyTalk servers hosted locally in Australia.  Our demonstrations at this event were very well received and we are now keen to demonstrate this exciting new technology to our customers.  

PoC technology has taken off following the rollout of the 4G network, offering what could be considered a convergence of two-way radio and mobile technologies.  For improved productivity and efficiency many organisations are adopting Push-To-Talk over Cellular which provides instant communications with large coverage and national or international connectivity.

Consisting of software and hardware, the Hytera HyTalk application and smart terminals allow you to push to talk using 4g/LTE/Wi-Fi networks.  Access all the features and benefits of two way radio bundled with smart phone functionality.  HyTalk is a flexible solution that can interconnect radio and mobile networks or function solely on mobile/WiFi networks.

Devices range from simple, ‘talk-listen’ solutions through to two-way radio and smartphone hybrids. These offer the full suite of mobile apps and dual HD cameras, eliminating the need to carry two devices. PoC devices offer fast Push-to-Talk services, including one-to-one and one-to-many, while using PMR, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G services.

Global Maintenance Upper Spencer Gulf Conference and Trade Expo

In addition to the AIHE Update Conference, Iain Moir and Colin Bresnahan from Sepura, headed to Port Pirie in South Australila, where they mingled with almost 500 delegates and exhibitors at the Global Maintenenance Upper Spencer Gulf Conference and Trade Expo.  This was an exciting event, well attended by representatives of mining and resources companies in South Australia.