Sepura SRG3900 Mobile Radio Terminal

This is an End of Sale (EoS) product. The replacement model is the Sepura SCG22 Mobile Two-Way Radio. 

The Sepura SRG3900 is the last word in versatility and performance. The radio consists of a transceiver box with extensive I/O for telematics, a mounting plate and a power loom. Up to two consoles can be attached to the SRG which gives unprecedented flexibility in vehicles like ambulances and utility trucks.

Flexible console options include:

  • handset-based controller for installation in tight spaces such as light vehicles
  • colour console for a traditional control head with an innovative remote speaker/microphone
  • soft console for custom application integration

In addition to the high RF power, the SRG has a second VCO for gateway mode allowing portable radios access to the network via the SRG in fringe areas. In many cases, this can make for substantial savings in network infrastructure by designing for mobile but providing portable coverage.

Direct mode repeater allows for extended coverage outside of the network coverage area or in the case of catastrophic network failure. Terminals can automatically detect the DMO repeater and switch to using it.

The radio has a powerful 8 watts of audio and an external speaker option that can deliver in demanding high noise environments like plants.

This class-leading radio is fully adaptable, flexible and highly intelligent with a high-resolution colour display for viewing clear and sharp images.

Features and Benefits

Superior digital audio quality

Clearer voice communications over a greater range in all noise environments.

10 Watt RF Power

Gives the greatest operational range of any TETRA radio.

Integrated Voice and Data

Send text messages – Increase productivity with messages that can be sent one to many – free hand or pre-configured and automated.

Integrated GPS option available

Know where your employees and assets are at all times – improve productivity and safety.

Optional Direct Mode Gateway services

Radio can act as a gateway repeater and provide portable coverage in remote locations.

Accommodates Sepura Colour Console

See all calls, messages and menus in full colour – ideal for viewing images and maps.

Variety of additional console configurations available

Console models available to suit all requirements – ability to install dual consoles in large vehicles which require multiple control points.

Emergency Operation

Users have the ability to alert key personnel to an emergency through a single press of a button on the radio.

Optional IP67 Rated (motorcycle) model available.

Resistant to dust and water ingress – Suitable for use in rugged environments.


Available in 806-870MHz