Sepura 1+1 Desktop Charger

Code: 300-01930

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The 1+1 Desktop Charger is a multi-pocket charging solution by Sepura, providing battery charging capabilities for the STP and SC Series hand-portable radios.

The front-facing pocket of the 1+1 Desktop Charger accepts hand-portable radios with either battery type fitted, while the rear pocket accepts a battery only. The front pocket will charge a battery attached to a radio.

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Colour: Black
Performance: NA
IP Rating: NA
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Compatibility: SC21, SC20, STP Series.
Used With: For the STP and SC Series hand-portable radios
Requires: *Although Sepura supplies the 1+1 Desktop Charger complete with a power supply unit, customers must order a mains adapter (an insert compatible with their local mains socket) separately.
Notes: to suit STP/SC Series.

LED Indicator:

The rear pocket charges a battery on its own. The radio’s LED and the left-hand tri-colour LED at the front of the charger unit indicates the battery status:

  • Green: The battery is ready for use,
  • Orange: Battery is charging and is not ready for use,
  • Red & Red flashing: Fault.