Sepura STP8X RF/GPS Antenna

Code: 300-00884

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The STP8X Series hand-portable radio uses a combined RF & GPS antenna. This has the advantage of enhancing the performance of the already high-performing GPS unit, fitting inside the radio.

All antennas are colour coded to indicate the frequency band and are sold as individual items. 

300-00884, STP8X RF/GPS Antennas, 450-470MHz (460MHz), Black.

The nominal gain figure for the STP8X RF/GPS Antennas is >-1dBi. This figure is measured in free space at resonance and will degrade when used close to the body, with the amount of degradation dependent on various factors. 

Please note that the STP8X RF/GPS Antennas must not be removed or replaced in a hazardous environment.

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Compatible with: STP8x000, STP8x100

Operational temperature: range from -20ºC to +55ºC (useable range -30ºC to +75ºC).