GME TX6160 UHF Handheld Walkie Talkie

Introducing the 5-Watt UHF CB handheld walkie-talkie from GME – an affordable and reliable device delivering unparalleled power and precision.

From GME, the premier brand for all things CB, this radio suits the harshest Australian environments with an IP67 rating, with up to 30 hours of battery life and a built-in LED torch.

Complete with a full suite of professional-grade accessories, the GME TX6160 radios are serious equipment for users who demand the ultimate in handheld UHF CB communication, for both work and play. 

GME Commercial’s standard 3-year warranty backs the TX6160.

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Features and Benefits

30 Hour Battery Life

Work or play longer and safer. No downtime to change batteries and unlikely to get caught out with no comms when you need them most.

Rugged Design, IP67 rating

Outstanding performance and years of reliable use in the harshest Australian environments.


Made with a 3-year warranty.


UHF 476.425MHz – 477.4125MHz

80 Channels (75 voice, 2 telemetry RX only, 3 for future use)

57 mm x 102 mm x 35 mm

IP67 rating



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