DAMM Multi-Tech Outdoor Base Station BS422

The world’s only outdoor base station featuring multiple technologies in one single core-connected system: TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analog. This technology-independent solution features multiple carriers as well as simulcast in one box within either UHF or VHF frequency ranges.

The DAMM BS422 can be used with a range of associated software based solutions including:


DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher

The DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System instantly provides comprehensive
and accurate voice and data recording facilities, as well as a wide
range of logging facilities for call data records

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DAMM TETRAFlex Voice and Data Log System

The DAMM TetraFlex® Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency
in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command,
control and monitoring of radio communications.

Download Damm TetraFlex voice and Data Log System brochure here



Download DAMM Multi-Tech Outdoor Base Station BS422 Brochure

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Features and Benefits

Robust IP65 Protection

Ideal for installation in harsh environments, from extreme cold to extreme heat and also wet conditions thanks to its IP65 encapsulation. Operates reliably between -25 and +55 degrees Celsius.

Compact and lightweight Design

Enables direct mounting on antenna masts, buildings and towers.

Multiple Technologies

Integrates TETRA, DMR, TEDS and Analog technologies. With everything covered by one system, operation, maintenance and repairs are simplified. . Multi-technology networks can be managed in a single network management tool with one central subscriber register.