Cambium PTP 650 Point-to-Point Wireless Broadband

The immense growth in data, voice, and video traffic has increased the demand for high bandwidth and secure, reliable connectivity. Matching these demands is critical for service providers, government and public safety agencies, and critical infrastructure operators.

The Cambium PTP 650 offers reliable, high-capacity, point-to-point wireless broadband. It is the ideal solution for difficult real-world situations with greater operational flexibility and the highest spectral efficiency in the industry.

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  • Effective system design.
  • Capacity as you grow throughput.
  • Asymmetric control.
  • No surprises link planning.
  • Security Options FIPS-197 128/256-bit AES encryption.
  • Low Latency.
  • Flexible network management.


  • With the smallest Compact Modem Unit in the industry, the small form factor design helps remove customer dependency on rack space.
  • Flexible stepping options allow operators to purchase a standard 10 Mbps factory set cap and then increase capacity as needed based on throughput demands ensuring exceptional scalability.
  • Where users download more information than they upload, operators can assign different throughput capacities for the up and down links.
  • Optimize licensed link performance prior to purchase and gain a complete view of your network via Google TM Earth with the PTP LINKPlanner.
  • Remote management via web browser. Optional Motorolas One Point Wireless Manager or other third-party tools are available for management purposes.


6GHz to 38 GHz licensed bands
7MHz to 80 MHz user-configured channel bandwidths