Cleaning radios (Guidelines concerning COVID-19)


Radios are often a shared resource, handled and used in close proximity to the face before being passed from one person to another at shift changes.  We now know this disease is spreading largely in the workplace, thus hygiene at work is absolutely critical.  Cleaning and sanitation of radios is essential to ensure the safety of your employee’s, and the community, as business continues to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per global health authorities, removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces lowers the risk of spreading infection. Using chemical disinfectants may kill germs that remain on surfaces after cleaning, which further lowers the risk of spreading infection.

Good hygiene practices between radio users are always important.  Likewise optimal performance of your radio equipment depends upon regular cleaning and maintenance. Harsh conditions in an industrial environment can cause iron filings, dust and dirt to block mics and speakers, causing your audio to become muffled. Regular cleaning can prevent a reduction in audio quality.

In recent months we have seen a small number of reports from customers whose radios are displaying minor damage to the housings. This could be a result of increased cleaning measures, specifically disinfecting agents. If you have any concerns regarding the disinfection of your equipment, please contact us and we will escalate to the relevant manufacturer.

Read on for guidelines, based on manufacturers recommendations, on how to perform routine cleaning and disinfecting of your radio equipment in order to keep your workplace safe and your team communicating optimally.


Routine Cleaning
  • Clean dust and fine particles from the radio surface and charging interface with a clean and dry lint-free cloth or a soft bristle, non-metallic brush regularly.
  • Dampen a clean cloth with warm water and a mild detergent soap and wipe radio, then wipe the radio with another clean, warm water dampened cloth and wipe dry with a clean cloth .
  • Remove battery from radio and use a soft, dry cloth to wipe battery and radio contacts to remove dirt and grease. Detach accessories and rub the connector contacts with a clean, dry cloth .
  • Make sure the radio is completely dry before using.


  • Wipe the antenna, screen, keys, back and side of the radio with disinfectant applied to a clean damp cloth. Do not spray cleaning solution directly on the radio, control head or accessories. 
  • We recommend you use Isopropyl Alcohol or diluted bleach (1:10 Bleach: Water) 
  • Do not use chemical cleaners, sprays, denatured alcohol (ethanol) or petroleum-based products, they may damage the radio housing.
  • Wait for the disinfectant to evaporate completely before using.


  • Always wash hands before and after cleaning / disinfecting your radios.
  • Some chemicals may damage the characters on the keypad of some radio brands, please test any product gently on the keypad, prior to cleaning.
  • Do not dry the radio using a heating device.
  • Do not wipe the power positive and negative interface of battery and radio with chemicals.

Whilst this article specifically references radios, don’t forget to clean and disinfect radio accessories, charging stations and infrastructure.