Analogue vs. Digital

Analogue has been the incumbent two-way radio technology since it was first used for commercial purposes in 1933. Over time many advances have been made and today’s radios are vastly different from their predecessors. In addition to obvious size, weight and performance improvements many advanced voice features have been added.

It is undeniable that digital technology has surpassed analogue in terms of audio consistency, battery life and advanced voice functionality.

That doesn’t mean that analogue radios are no longer a viable option – they continue to offer a simple, reliable, robust and affordable option to our customers, generally at a lower cost.
Some niche applications are still best served with analog. This would include situations where digital latency is noticeable, such as when radios are clustered together or when delays are critical. Some users with large networks are currently evaluating the various digital technologies to decide on the best to suit their needs, it is important for their adopted technologies to see wide market acceptance.

Most importantly for analog radio users, we are still fully qualified and equipped to service and maintain your existing systems. We can supply replacement radios and accessories.