ACMA Licence Update – Beat the price increase!

Are your radio licences up to date?
Just like the annual registration on your car, radio licenses need to be renewed every year and significant fines can apply when they lapse. If you use two way radio and are not aware of your licensing, it is a good idea to check. As organisations evolve and addresses change radio licensing information is not always updated.
Each year the ACMA updates its licence and administration fees. This year it will occur on the 5th April 2020. Annual licence fees have increased approximately 1.6% across the board. All applications processed prior to the 5th April will be processed at the current fees, all applications processed after the 5th April will be processed at the new rate.
Beat the increase and ask us to review your licences right now. ACMA licensing is complicated, but we have the expertise to guide you through the process ensuring yours are current and allowing you to stay compliant. National Wireless will do all the ground work for you, in most cases for no charge, so give us a call or reply to this email and we will review your current status and assist you in ensuring you are fully compliant.
Contact us via email: or call us on: 02 4964 1533 to obtain more information regarding the updated fee schedule.