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Is your current communications system no longer functioning as you need it to?

  • Poor quality unclear audio?
  • Devices not durable enough for your operating environment?
  • Service, repairs and replacements difficult to organise?
  • Poor coverage with communication black spots?
  • Inadequate battery life?

Solutions, implementation and support

National Wireless has a proven track record supplying two-way radio systems for businesses that need robust, fit-for-purpose, future-proof solutions. Our end-to-end approach to supplying wireless communication solutions ensures you won’t need to go anywhere else.

  • Latest digital two-way radio technology from leading global brands
  • Future proof – scalable systems accommodate future business growth
  • Advanced digital features that go far beyond just voice communications
  • Industry leading expertise, equipment and service

Industries we help

  • Construction
  • Health
  • Hospitality & Events
  • Agriculture

  • Transport
  • Education
  • Mining & Energy
  • Manufacturing

We use reliable, quality brands and equipment

  • A global brand you can depend upon
  • A full range of quality digital two-way radio products
  • Slim, lightweight and stylish devices
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Virtual keypad and OLED display

  • TETRA experts with a huge market share in Europe
  • Some of the most cutting-edge TETRA devices for businesses that require a more sophisticated communication option
  • Best in class audio for clear voice communication
  • Smart connectivity for scanners and devices
  • Advanced safety features with location tracking

  • An emerging brand which now dominates Asia Pacific markets
  • An evolving portfolio of devices, systems and software as a result of huge investment in Research & Development
  • Versatile communication with individual and group calling
  • Compact design, robust and dependable

Talk to us about our extensive range today. With over 25 years in the industry, we’ll know the right device for you, and we have relationships with technology suppliers to get devices others cannot.


“The National Wireless team are knowledgeable and very helpful! As I’m not always totally sure what components are required for site, I rely on their expertise, and they always get me sorted.”

– Olympic Dam Project

“The sales team were happy to answer all inquiries without delay and didn’t come across as pushy, like most salespeople. They gave me a lot of options so I could make an informed decision.”


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Why upgrade your communications system?

Immediate, clear, and
direct communication

Superior digital audio quality allows workers to hear verbal communications – loud and clear – in even the noisiest environments. While Push-to-talk, without a dial-ring-answer sequence, facilitates fast and reliable communication.

Reach everyone all
at once

In business critical/emergency scenarios, a single audio or data message can be broadcast from one-to-many in real time. Get one message to all staff instantly.

Flexible deployment

No two sites are the same, so no two radio systems will look the same. Single site or multi-site connected via the internet. Indoors or outdoors. Small direct mode system or large system incorporating repeaters antennas and large numbers of radios. We can deploy a system that will do exactly what you need where and when you need it.

Eliminate multiple

Digital two-way radio products offer the option to replace several devices (such as mobile, pager and radio) with one single device that can ‘do it all’.

Increase safety, and

New radio technologies come packed with safety features such as GPS tracking, telemetric programming and ‘man down’ alarms to notify HQ in emergencies.

Superior durability

Our radios have high Ingress Protection ratings right up to intrinsically safe models, suitable for use in potentially explosive environments. Compared to mobile phones, radios are durable and designed to be repaired, not disposed of, when broken. Our radios will hold up in the most adverse industrial environments.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Each system is custom designed to our client’s specific requirements, taking into account each sites unique needs and geography. Installation is not complete until we know your system is working properly.

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